Apple Blossom Kids Parade

Last week was the Apple Blossom Kids Parade in Wenatchee.  The girl's Gymnastics Company was going to be in the parade and Emma & Kate wanted to walk in the parade.  So we got some shirts and signed up.  Moving from larger cities in a small town, I always think things are going to be WAY bigger than they are.  This was not the case.  I was thinking a kid's parade wouldn't be a big deal.  That's why I was fine walking with them.  But their Kids Parade is a HUGE deal.  It's quite a walk.  And the fact that we had to walk all the way back to our car afterwards wasn't fun either.
But what was fun was watching the girls do tricks and things they have learned in their class.  They were so excited to show off their gymnastic skills.
Kate was a Pro with Monkey Jumps and Donkey Kicks.  But she mainly wanted to walk with me.  She doesn't like too much attention :)
Emma was excellent at hand stands and push ups.  She would plop down and do 15 reps.  Then stand up and look around to see if people noticed and were clapping.  She did it one time where there weren't a lot of people watching so no one clapped after she did some push ups.  She was pretty sad.  LOL I have to laugh at this girl.  She's so proud at things she can do.  So a friend in our ward saw us and took these pictures of us.  I love that she got Emma's push-up sequence.  She's pretty tough!

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