The cleanest it's ever been...

So the girl's room has been through many transformations.  Let's remind ourselves what it looked like a year ago:

I don't recommend sticking 2 girls in 1 big bed.  Those nights never started or ended well....

Fast Forward to now.
We've got their own beds painted and up.  Their clothes are in bins under their bed since we don't have room for a dresser.  But that system seems to be working for us right now.
But the problem is the clothes that spew out of those bins mixed with the endless toys....equals a cluttered dirty room always.

So last week, the girls and I spent about 3 hours and completely took on this room.  We even lifted the mattresses and cleaned under the bed....  It was totally worth the effort.  I have not seen their room look this clean...ever.

The main thing that had to go were their toys from in their room.  They seemed to have a mind of their own and would always get dumped on the floor.  So we got them in boxes and put them up on shelves in the closet or in the hall closet.

Even a week later, we've been really good at keeping the clutter down and picking up after themselves.  And it being so clean, it doesn't take long to pick up let's see how long it'll last...

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