Weekend Getaway in Seattle.

A miraculous thing happened the weekend before Memorial Day weekend.  We had someone other than family watch our kids over night.  This girl in our ward was working on Personal Progress for the Young Women's program.  So she and her family took them around 4 pm friday afternoon.  Then we headed out to Seattle to spend the night/day there for a relaxing retreat.  I am always amazed at how Seattle is built.  Those roads are so steep!

We stayed in the Arctic Club Double Tree Inn.

Here's our 10th floor room

Joe checking out our Jacuzzi tub...I promise...

Once we checked in, we walked around town to find a place to eat.  The hotel recommended The Brooklyn. It was pricey but good!

Joe ordered the scallops, which filled him up pretty good.  I ordered the New York Steak.  It was pretty good but don't love all the fat that was on there.

Next we needed dessert and I didn't like the choices at the restaurant so we went to the place underneath our hotel, Juno.  We had a Pizookie.  I think this will always be my favorite.

The next morning, after sleeping in in the most comfortable bed (feather down blankets and pillow)
We walked down to the pier and then to the Pike's Market.  Loved that place.  So fun to see all the action.

We went to Le Panier for breakfast.  Best croissants and hot chocolate ever.  There was a reason there was such a long line!

After that, we walked around the city some more, went to Dahlia's Bakery and got some goodies for the road back.  We checked out of our hotel and headed to the outlet mall in North Bend.  Kind of disappointed when you've got San Marcos Outlet malls to compare to in TX but I got some great deals on kids clothes.  We got home and I took a nap.  We got the kids back safe and sound that night.  It was definitely a needed little break and loved every kid-free minute of it!
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