better late than never...explained.

As of right now, i'm about 21 weeks along....
So why has it taken me this long to share the news?  Well, I wanted to wait until I came to visit family in UT and surprise them with the news!

I was very set on being done at 3.  Was petrified at the thought of more kids.  I probably told that to everyone I met last year.  "ya, i'm done.  3 is plenty for me!"  But deep down, I was just so dang scared.  Scared of not being able to handle more than 3 since it was such a big adjustment for me.  I was barely holding on with the kids I had.  So the thought of more was horrifying.  Also, with Joe being in school with the past 3, it seemed I was a single parent.  So hard!
But as the kids have gotten older, and school has come to a close, I came to realize that I could handle another one and it wouldn't just be me taking care of it.   This pregnancy has been different than all the rest.  Maybe it's the distraction of the other 3?  Or that i've come to know what helps?  Who knows but I was able to get through the difficult 1st Trimester better than I thought I would!

So it now being June, here we are!

And this time around, I decided to have some fun and not tell my family until I surprised them when I came into town today.
Boy, were they surprised!  I was excited to finally share this news with them.  I can't believe I kept it from them this long!!  There were times that were really hard and wanted to talk to them about it.  But I knew it would be too much fun surprising them so I kept my mouth shut.  But the day has finally come.  It was really exciting.  My parents will have 4 new grandkids now in 2012!  That's crazy!

And the video was not my idea.  Pinterest came to the rescue for this one.  I saw a similar thing on it and thought it was so cute so I wanted to do something similar.  The kids did great so it turned out fun.
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