anyone else love Kate's first attempt at my name?  lol
A few days ago, I was having a rough day.  It seemed that I just kept harping at the kids, which then makes me feel cruddy.  I went into my room to take a break and lie down.  I found this on my pillow.

Sweet Kate had made it and sneaked it into my room to find later.  I was kind of just in awe at my little Kate.  I called her in and asked her if she made this.  She told me she did cause she loved me and she saw I was sad.  *tear*

We spent the next 1/2 hour snuggling in my bed.  That kind of changed my outlook at my attitude and my kids.  They are so fragile and aware at their parents.  Makes me feel even worse when i'm not at my best.  But they are so forgiving and i am so grateful for that.  Because, surprisingly, even us parents make mistakes ;)
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