for granted.

Some things you just take for granted when you are at home.  This is my list:
-Your kind of toothpaste
-Your own room
-Your own bed
-Not sleeping with a 2 year old boy
-Eating your usual foods
-Fresh produce
-Cool days
-No Traffic
-Small Town
-Pacific Time Zone
-Luke in his own room
-My home ward
-My friends
-My shower
-My lotion
-Ok, my house in general
-Let's not forget the most important one: Joe.

Luke and our newest Niece, Isabelle.

We've been in UT for about a week and a half so far.  We've got another week and a half to go.  It's been a great break with family.  The kids have loved it.  We do this every summer.  I think this has been the longest stay yet....and it'll probably be the last time it'll be this long!  Total, we'll be gone for about 3 weeks!

We've been able to do lots of things so far:
-Girl Matinee to Brave
-Lehi Pool
-Princess Festival
-Ice Cream Cones galore
-Seeing the birth of my newest nephew
-Seeing my newest niece
-Seeing my brother come home after a 2-year mission
-Watch the cousins become closer, play and making memories with family

That's just the tip.  There are many more things in store.  I love it here, I really do.  But when you have your own small family, trying to adjust, feel comfortable and situated, it is more like a chore, not a vacation.
And it really helps you to realize how much you miss home and love where you live.
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