Chore Chart 2.0

I feel nesting has begun and is in full force.  During the summer, to beat the boredom and bad habits, I made this chore chart to help them start the day off right.

So let's explain how this is used.  Each morning, they have their chores that they need to do before they do anything else.
-Make their Bed
-Eat Breakfast
-Brush Teeth/Hair
-Get Dressed
-Pick up Clothes
-Read for 20 minutes
-Do their Homework Books

Once they do those7 things, then they can move on to playing or watching a show.

"RAK's" = Random Acts of Kindness.  If they do Random Acts of Kindness towards their siblings, like doing something nice for someone etc etc. then they get to color in the hearts.  They earn 5 hearts, they get a sticker for their sticker book.

These are their books.  We got them from the Dollar Tree.  You can buy packs of stickers that are randomly   placed in the book.  I remember having one of these when I was young.  I showed the girls them and they were so excited so it's now an incentive :)

"Computer Time" = when they do extra chores, they get 5 minutes of computer time.  So we circle each time they do an extra job.

Now, if they do all their daily chores and do all 5 RAK's each day, they get a quarter.  So potentially they could earn $1.75 each week.   That's a pretty decent allowance for them at their age.

So far, it's been great.  They are motivated to get their chores done and do nice things for each other and even extra chores because they love their computer time!

So I made these into 11x14 prints from Costco then laminated them.  So we just use dry erase markers.  So simple!  I also used My Memories software to make this.  They make it really easy to create digital stuff!

So what do you think?!

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