swimming lessons.

Right when we got home from Utah, we got the girls into swimming lessons.  We've done 3 sessions total.  The first & second sessions, Emma and Kate were in the same class.  This past session, that just started the past Monday, little Kate passed up her big sister and progressed to Goldfish.  Emma opted to do Seahorse again when she found out a friend from Kindergarten was in her class.
Kate seemed to have been born to swim.  She's already swimming, with no help.  She's already made up her own type of swimming, like the robot swim, dolphin swim and mermaid swim.  She has no fear of the water. Yesterday, she jumped off the diving board without a life jacket and without a life guard below in the water to catch her.  She just jumped off and then swam back to the side without even going up to the surface.
Imagine my fear, watching from the far side, waiting for a head to pop up...and it never did.  I was about to run over there when I finally saw Kate popping her head out over by the side of the pool.  She's fearless!

Miss Emma has progressed SO MUCH this summer.  She's still very cautious in the water.  But this summer, she has gotten over her fear of jumping off the side in the deep end and going underwater.  She can even swim just fine if she's underwater.  It's the part where she is swimming above water that gets her.  She tends to keep in right leg down on the floor.  So now it's just getting her comfortable in the deep end.  She's had wonderful teachers this summer too who seem to understand her fears and help her feel safe.

When I took these, they were in the same class during the 2nd session.

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