the night before...

The house is quiet and it's just me tonight.  Joe is over in Seattle with his boss until tomorrow night.
Being alone & tackling the big "First day of School" is kind of tough.  I'm trying to stay calm to not frazzle the girls but my nerves are getting to me.  Emma asked me to make her a head band to match her outfit.  So my mind is going a million miles an hour to prepare for the day tomorrow.
Emma has also informed me to wants to wake up at 6:30 so to be ready in time to be at school to have the cookies & juice the PTO will be giving away to everyone.  Problem is it's past 11 and I still can't relax and go to bed!
It will be weird, in a good way, to have both girls going to school.  It will just be Luke and I for a few months.  And at least Kate will be back at 11:30 every day.  I have the "blessing" of taking a long time to adjust to new situations.  I thought I was prepared for it but my nerves are telling me otherwise.
So I have their clothes laid out, headband finished, Emma's lunch organized and now to clean the kitchen.

Let's see how tomorrow goes...
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