A Valentine.

Our Valentine's Day was pretty eventful for everyone.  The girls had fun activities and parties in their classes. Me and the boys went to MOPS that morning, had yummy food and made red earrings.  That night, Joe and I went out for dessert at McGlinn's.  We ended up ordering soup, salad and beer bread first since we ate terribly at home as we were trying to get everything ready to leave.  We ended the night when walking around Target. ( I wish all nights ended like that....)

Emma wanted to make a special Valentine for a boy in her class.  She told me that he's not that nice and always teases her but she wanted to be nice to him anyways and make him a special one.  She found  this idea from that book behind it.  It's from the 1950's.  It's a vintage craft book for kids.  There are some crazy ideas in there.  And she happened to find this one and was sold.  She cut out the hearts and I hot glued the lace on the edges.  She loved how it turned out. I thought it was pretty sweet too.  She even told me to call his mom to have her tell him not to show anyone as to not hurt anyone's feeling for not getting a special Valentine.  She's so funny.  I'm becoming aware of how big she's getting this year.  It's fun but also a little scary.  Before I know it, we'll be going bra shopping and she'll hate every one that I pick out for her to try on...

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