Printcopia canvas

After Jake was born, i've been on a photo-taking binge.  I have SO MANY of this kid.  The other kids have nothing on him.  
With the thousands I have, I want to print off my favs to hang them or scrap them (and I have time do that?  who knows...)

But where to go?  There are so many print companies now a days.  
I wanted to make my favorite prints into Canvas Prints and Printopia did an amazing job!

How could I not make that print onto canvas?!  I love that one.  And I love it on my wall!  I am not sure where to put it yet.  There are so many possibilities.  But I am definitely impressed with the quality of the canvas itself and how well the image looks.

I dug a bit deeper on Printcopia and found they do much more than just prints.  They are connected to sister sites where they do things like Vinyl Banners,  Car Magnets, and Lawn Signs. (those would have been nice around election time, huh?)  That time of advertising is great for any business.  We have a car magnet for Joe's practice on our van.  It's definitely a good investment.

I'll be working with Printcopia again.  The site was user-friendly & simple.  It took me all of five minutes and my order was complete.
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