Doane's Dribblers

They have this great program here in Cashmere Called Ron Doane's Dribblers.  It is completely free for the kids.  They get a basketball, t-shirt and a couple month's worth of practice after school.  There are volunteers who meet with the kids at practice and teach them basketball.  Emma just ate it up.  She's done so great and has improved in her b-ball skills.  They were able to perform their awesome basketball skills during half time at the girls high school basketball game.

They ran around the court then showed off their dribbling

Next they waited in line to shoot a basket.

Then they left with a Bulldog cheer.  All the kids did awesome and it was too cute to see them. I'll be honest though and say that I'm now glad it's done.   Just another day Emma gets to come home right after school instead of 4:30.  I feel I never get to see her! (she has music class 1 day after school & jump rope 2 days after school!)

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