Luke the hammer.

This kid seems to be a little accident prone.

I took the 3 eldest to Reptile man at the elementary school.  During the event, Luke was playing around in back with another boy.  Next thing I know, both are crying hysterically with the other boy on the ground.  They are both holding their heads.  I see Luke and he has an immediate bruise and bump under his right eye.
Next was yesterday, the day after that incident.

We were at the church setting things up for an activity that night.  He was playing in the halls and from what I gather, they were playing and running around and he ran/tripped? into the wall.  It has that wooden divider in the middle of it.  He hit his eyebrow into that.  He comes screaming at me with blood dripping down his face.

Not something you want to see.

Went to make sure he didn't need stitches.  Luckily he didn't.  But even today, it's still slowly filling up his 4th band-aid.  I'm really surprised he hasn't broken something yet.

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