Grandpa came to visit..2 months ago..

Back in the beginning of May, my Dad came in town.  He luckily works with a company that has conventions here in San Antonio a couple times a year.  So we were really excited to see him again.  Both girls have grown so much since he had last seen them so I knew my dad was really excited to see them too!
At the same time, my camera broke mid-visit so I finally got pictures from my Dad on that experience that there are some fun ones!

We went to the Children's Museum and Emma had a great time.  There was a Dentist's office.  She grabbed the huge toothbrush and started brushing...made Joe proud :)
Inside the cockpit
Emma loved the water/bubble room.  If we let her, she could have stayed in there the whole time..ehh no...
Her dreams becoming a reality...
Serving us some lunch

She liked these little connectors too
Here's my Dad helping her out.
Cute girls in the double stroller
We went to the Wildlife Ranch near San Antonio.  It was had it's exciting moments...not the 25 million kinds of deer and antelope that they had but the ostrich car attack!   It came up from the side.  My Dad was sitting there, ready to take a picture and the thing came a bit too fast.  Luckily, my dad started rolling up the windows in time because the thing started pecking the window!  It was scary/hilarious...anyways, we saw this mutated Rhino there...notice the must be heavy or something..

And then there were goats
Family pic at the local Ranch 

Giraffes are pretty cool
Kate, Kate cute cute cute

Here's a pre-church shot...way too early huh?
yeah!  a new post finally!

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