Is This Normal?

So amid the cheers of Kate's winning, we've got ourselves a situation in the Zimmerman home.  Maybe Kate is feeling the pressure to be skinny since she's now won or something is seriously wrong with her.  
For two weeks now, she pukes...she pukes?  yes, she pukes.  Let me explain.  
When it started, it was once a day, after I would change her diaper.  I figured I was feeding her too much and the pressure on her tummy was too much.  So I cut back on the amount I was feeding her but to no avail, she would still throw up.  And then it began to occur twice  a day.  That's when I started to worry.  Last Tuesday, I went to the Pediatrician to make sure she was still fine, weight wise and not becoming dehydrated.  Well she was about the same weight as she was at her 9 month apt, which, the doctor said was normal at this age because they tend to taper off in gainage and becoming mobile.  So she assumed it was reflux and gave me a prescription for a baby antacid...
I asked, Is it common for babies to develop reflux at 10 months old? 
She says, not really but sometimes this happens.
Okay, I say.  I am just hoping this solves the problem.
Fast forward to right now.  
She now pukes any time she lays on her back, meaning: diaper changes, naps, bedtimes, playing around with Emma, cuddling on the couch. (the scary part is during the night, when we don't always know...what if she chokes?!)
I have permanently smelled like puke for 2 weeks's quite but seriously, I am honestly worried.  This is NOT normal, right?
We take the precautions of  making sure she never goes on her back.  So that means changing her diaper angled on a boppy pillow or something to prop her back...or even standing up...ya, can you imagine that?  I couldn't until now.
We make sure to change her right before we feed her so as to limit the amount of puke that will come out of her mouth.
We have gotten so desperate as to tape a large circular object on her back so she can't completely lay flat on her back... 
(...umm Joe's idea and invention...first time we're using it tonight and it seems to do the job...she just looks like a bug or something )
So I called my pediatrician today or the on-call answering service and my Ped called me back and I explained to her the extreme situation we are having with Kate.  She seemed not alarmed and said to come in sometime this next week and we'll have a look see at her vitals.  
So I just tell her the reality of what happens each day and my suspicion that it is not reflux but something else.  So I've been going crazy, trying to figure this out.  The antacids she gave us before don't do anything.  But luckily, Kate is such a calm, content little thing that she's just fine.  Other than the fact that she pucks like 3-4 times a day, she happy and laughing, playing with Emma.  It doesn't even phase her.  So it's quite the quandary.
Any takers?
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