Did My Part!

Things that happened yesterday:

Went to the Gym: good

Sewing Machine broke: Bad

Took Emma on a Temple Field Trip: Good

Took lots of special pictures: Good

Finally renewed my Library membership: Good

Didn't have "Potty Power" video that I wanted: Bad

Didn't have any potty books!: Bad

Vacuum broke: Bad

During the downloading process of my pictures, it got interrupted, and didn't download all the pictures on my card. Didn't find out till after I deleted all the pics. There went my special day with Emma at the Temple: BAD

Emma and Kate played with some friends and ate Halloween treats: Good

Joe realized that he wouldn't be able to vote on the official day so at 6:30 pm, went to the library and VOTED!: GOOD

Seeing that the kids were tired at 6 pm and already had a "Halloween" experience, I put them down at their usualy 7:30 pm bedtime: Good

Joe got home at 7:40 from voting. I then went to go catch to polls before they closed. Got there, NO line, total expereince was 5 mins and came out with a great "did my part" feeling!: Good

Got 2 more orders from my Etsy shop to work on: Good

Felt sore from the Gym: Bad/Good

It was a productive day yesterday! Overall, I think the Good overpowered the bad :) The good will always prevail!

So since i'm feeling patriotic, I wanted to post this Halloween comic I got from Jennifer Ray's blog, enjoy!:

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