From Vegas to Washington

Well, the blog has had enough time to itself. 
time to get on the ball.
Here's pictures highlighting our journey from Vegas to Washington at the end of June to July.
We left Vegas June 26th.  And when I say we, I mean, me, the kids and Camilla, Joe's sister and temporary nanny for our travels.  She was a lifesaver!
The girls had lots of attention from not only her but my sister and BIL too.  They came up a few weeks before we left.
Joe stayed behind to load the truck and clean.  He drove up to WA July 2nd and unloaded and whatnot.
Also, Congrats to Joe for completing his GPR program in Vegas.  We were able to go to a graduation/dinner before leaving.  So proud of Joe and all the hard work he did this past year.
We went to a "Picnic in the Park" in our Vegas ward before moving.  The kids had lots of fun.
So now we are in UT.  During that time, we packed up the van and headed up to UT.  While driving, we got a flat tire in the gorge!  2 hours later, we headed to walmart in St. George to get some new tires.  It was so nice to finally get home in Highland.
I LOVE it out there.  And now with kids, it only gets better.  My house is perfect for kids, especially the outside.  It is just beautiful.
While there, Luke became a champ at standing up in the middle of room, or lawn or where ever he wanted to!  He turned 8 months while we were there.
My mom started a preschool with her grandchildren.  The girls were so excited to be part of that.  On a side note, I wish I lived in UT so they could spend time with their cousins and everyone....oh to dream...
I shared a room with the girls and I found this one night when I came in for bed.
too cute.
Sleep over at Auntie Jenny's!!
The girls had TOO much fun.  I think they went to bed at 10 or something.  We were all exhausted.

Annual Terry Family party and campout.  The weekend of hte 4th, we always have a campout in the backyard with all the kids and grandkids.  We also make some hotdogs and smores.  It was lots of fun!

Flash forward to Pasco, Washington. 
We arrived the night of the 4th.  We quickly drove to the stadium nearby and watched teh fireworks.
So we had a lot of things we had to purchase since we didn't have a yard in Vegas.
So we found a lawn mower on craigslist.  here's Joe showing the kids how to mow the lawn,

Next, we grabbed a crab from the store because the girls saw it and wanted to eat it...(the same thing happened with a fish in Vegas)
So we got one and had to document it.  The girls loved it and ate it right up.
We met up with our friends, the Simpson's in Walla Walla, where they now reside.  They were in Vegas too with us so Joe and Jeremy got really close.
Walla Walla is beautiful and would love to live there too.  It has a great small town feel.  We had some dinner and then they showed us this great candy/ice cream shop.
Hitting the park with the kids.  They loved it, as always.
well this is the bunch of photos but there are more to come.  I need to get this thing caught up.
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