July and Kate's Big Day

Hot = Water.
Water + Kids = Happiness

Moving from Vegas, we were prepared for the heat.  This little pool/sprinkler fish is perfect for all ages.  It's shallow enough for Luke to play in it as well as Emma to jump through the sprinklers.
As I was setting the fish up, the kids came out.  I put Luke down near the door and went inside to grab something.  When I went back out, he was already on it, playing with the small sprinklers that were coming out. 

Luke Loves Me Too.
Kate's 3rd Birthday
just ignore my houseKate was so excited for her birthday.  We were preparing her for it all month.  And I had to make sure I got her what she wanted.
We had some waffles for breakfast. 
And this little girl can really make your heart melt. 
Biggest Sweetheart Ever.

She got some awesome presents!
Very Ariel-Obsessed.
All jazzed up.
Any mother out there with an Ariel-Obsessed daughter (or son, I guess), I recommend this necklace.
It sings the imfamous Ariel voice. 
You know which one i'm talking about..
ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhhh......
For dinner, we went to Eatsa Pizza.  The kids loved eating out.
Luke was a champ at the grown-up food.

Arcade?  Awesome.  We got a few tokens from their meals so we let them play.

Disclaimer:  I am a mother, not a cake decorater.
Just wasnt feeling it this year, I guess.
My attempts at making an Ariel Cake.
The singing and blowing of the candles.
If you notice in this one, Kate leans right over to blow, causing her hair to ignite of fire.
Joe quickly grabs it and smashes the fire out.  (so fast that I don't think she even noticed it!)
Happy Birthday Kate!
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