Trunk Redo

So I went a little spray paint happy this past week.  
Maybe because I realized how cheap it is?  
How fast?
Who knows but I have been wanting to do something with this trunk I found at DI for $3...yes $3.
I got this almost a year ago back in Vegas...
Can you imagine me with 2 kids in their tiny carts, me huge and pregnant, balancing this huge thing to the front?
Yes, comical really.
Sadly, this is the only "before" pic.  I swear I took a normal one but i can't find it.

And here's the after:

I just used some Ballerina Pink from Krylon.  Then I distressed it.
I'll be honest that I was nervous of the outcome.
But I Love it!
Now i'm thinking, just thinking, of adding some vinyl or something on it...what do you think?
Leave it be or put some vinyl? (i'm thinking like a branch with a bird or something like that...)


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