Our Stake Summer Extravaganza

Ok, I am not sure if my title is what it really was called.  But it was about 20 minutes north of where we are living.  It was in farm country and I loved it!
(I don't know what it is about this place but I don't think I could go back to big city.  I would be fine in ruralville.)
It was awesome.
They had blow-up slides, popcorn, snowcones, cotton candy, ice cream, drinks, live band, water slide...I just let the kids go and they went nuts.

This is Kate saying "No mom, No picture!"  wah.

This is right after Emma wandered off and we couldn't find her.  I wasn't too worried since I knew we would eventually find her.  But the 1st conseler in our bishopric found us and told us they found her and was with his mother-in-law. 
So as we walked up and got her, Emma was so relieved and started crying.  It was really sweet.  It reminded me of when I got lost in Canada's Wonderland...which was a tad bit bigger than this stake activity.  But I do remember the fear of being alone.  But i also remember the extreme relief and joy I felt when I saw my family.
When I hugged Emma, I kind of started crying too.  She is such a sweetheart.
This picture is weak compared to what it really looked like.  It was RED.  The sunset was wonderful.
The kids hated to leave.  We were there pretty late too.
This further supports my love for WA.
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