DIY Bench from Head & Foot Board

My bench is done!

So back in May..(almost a year ago!) I picked up this head & foot board for FREE from a garage sale.  It was the last day and they wanted everything to go.  I took advantage....
Anyways, wasn't sure what I was going to do with it.  
It sat in our basement for months and months.  Come October and Joe had had it!  Our basement was turning into it's own thrift store.  I knew I had a problem at hoarding so we started de-junking the basement. This set was put onto the chopping block.  At first, I agreed since, seriously, when was I going to use this anytime soon?  So it was put outside.  But the thought of it being given away left me sad.  There was just so much potential!  So over Thanksgiving Break, I confronted Joe and told me I had a plan for this set and that I needed his help.  My plan?  Turning this into a bench for a large porch.

So somewhere on my computer, I have pictures that show Joe cutting up the foot board and screwing it onto the head board....but I can't find them.  But you can imagine and see how we did it.  We measured about 19 inches in on each side and cut the foot board.  We used some Long screws to attach them onto the headboard.  We then placed a piece of wood across the front to add support for the arm rests.

Then we went and cut up some boards to lay on top of the support wood for the seat.

Then we had our friends use their nail gun to nail those in place.  They also reinforced the seat by placing a  vertical board underneath the seat, as you can see in the middle in the picture below.
I also sanded then painted a pretty light aqua blue.

It looks wonderful on my porch.  I love love love it.  and glad it's done and outta my house :)

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