On the mend.

The past weekend was a bit hectic.  Thursday night, Luke woke up throwing up.  Friday night, I went to a Love & Logic seminar with Emma and Kate.  Usually they are a 3 day seminar but they squeezed it into a day and a half.  It was a great seminar with lots of great ideas that I want to implement for my kids.  So Saturday, we were there from 9 am to 4 pm.  It included lunch.  The girls had so much fun. The church it was held at did a great job at organizing groups for the kids and Emma's group even made soup and gave it to a local retirement home.  What a great idea!
Saturday night, it happened.  After we went to the St. Patrick's day Parade in town, we got back to get the kids to bed and my stomach had turned on me.  Joe and I even watched a pretty funny movie but I just couldn't handle it.  From then until Sunday evening, I couldn't hold anything down.  All through the night, I was heading to the bathroom every hour.  It was probably the worst night of my life!  Lots of bed rest, lots of Netflix documentaries (I suggest a few to watch: Fork over Knife and The Business of Being Born...never watched this many documentaries in my life).  Praying no one else gets this ucky bug.
So now, i'm recooperating.  And my house is a disaster!  Laundry is in great need.  Every single room in the house is trashed.  I am so relieved I am better and can tackled the neglect that occurred over the weekend!  So today is my laundry, bathroom, vacuum, kitchen, trash day.
And you might be wondering what Joe was doing?  He has been a trooper and serving me and the kids hand and foot.  He has been in charge of food, taking kids to church, wake ups and bedtimes.  He is not much for house hold chores but after last night, he started on the kitchen until it was just too late...midnight!  lol  Very grateful for Joe and his selfless service he does for his family.  Sure relieves the anxiety I experience when I am not able to take care of my family.

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