Spring Layered Frame

Who else is ready for Spring?!
I sure am.  Where I live, there is still snow on the ground....blah.  Ready for warmth!!
So I need some "Spring" in my home until Mother Nature decides to get her act together!

 Here's my Spring Layered Frame.

A couple of frames
Plastic egg
Accordian flower
Jen Allyson Designs SD card
Hot glue
Spray Paint
5x7 piece of cardstock

I had these antiqued frames on hand, waiting for a new fate.

 So I took 2 different sizes and put them aside.
Next, I made an accordian flower.
I then cut out "spring" from the SD card.
Then I took a plastic egg and hot glued it shut.  Once dry and cool, I took an exacto knife and cut the egg in half lengthwise.  Then I spray painted it turquoise blue.
Then I grabbed a 5x7 piece of white paper and placed the "Spring" word and accordian flower on there.  Next, I put some ribbon onto the egg to cover the line.  I placed the egg on top of the flower.  Then I put that into the frame, making sure you take out the glass.

Next, to layer the frames, grab some burlap and string it behind the top frame and loop it around the back of the bottom frame then tie it in a knot!

 All Done!
 Great way to add some "Spring" to your home :)  This has a nice spot on my Entertainment center :)
So what is your favorite Season?!
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