She's Popeye the sailor...

So Joe and I, for our veggie intake at dinner, usually have spinach salads with our desired dressing. I guess from observing our love for the greens, Emma began to be curious on what we were eating. So it started off small, a bite here and there from us. But then it got to the point that she wanted to eat constantly off our plate. So I made her her own salad! And by golly she loves spinach! I'm so happy becuase it is darn tootin' hard to get a toddler to eat veggies. And spinach is one of the best veggies one can eat. Lots of nutrients. So these are just random dinner shots of her eating her greens. I put in a little bit of Italian dressing, which she loves too. We've found that she loves spicy stuff like that. She'll eat salsa when Joe does...BBQ chips when Joe does...ok so pretty much whatever Joe is eating, she'll eat it...weird huh? ;)

So i'll also say that sometimes being pregnant and a student's wife isn't all that's cracked up to be...i'm venting a little bit right now...It's like i'm not a student's wife really. I'm just a pregnant single mom sometimes. Like right now, it's 8 pm and Joe's not home. He left at 2 pm up to school to practice some lab work. Usually he's gone like 3 hours tops but tonight I guess he needed the extra practice...which is fine. Don't get me wrong. I want him to succeed. But on these long, lonely nights, it's tough. Luckily we have trained our child to go to bed easily so it really isn't hard to put her down for bed alone. But it's just weird when he's gone. I"m really looking forward for next year because it won't be as much homework stuff. So when he's home, his focus will be at home. I need to again state that this is just a venting session. ANything I say in this last paragraph isn't concrete :) It's just been a "down" day for me. My freaking emotions and hormones are driving me crazy and I hate it!! Plus the fact that my doctor told me the other day that I had gained too much weight and needed to be focusing on exercising and eating healthier...hearing that is hard enough when you're not pregnant! So I think that might be getting to me, making me a little bit more down than I really am. But I have been doing good with exercising. I've been doing prenatal yoga for the past month. I was first going to the free classes at the local maternity store but I then bought my own DVD work out and do it at home, usually when Emma is napping. So I hope to keep that up...well I guess I actually have to keep it up...doctors orders! Alrighty, I think i'm at the tail end of my venting session. Good night!
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