My Fabulous Baby Shower!

This is Melissa, Me and Jaime. They are 2 of the 5 hostess...
I know, I had 5. What can I say? People love me! ;)

I have to just start off by saying that I have the awesomest friends down here in SATX!! One of my really good friends, Jaime Blaisdell (the head Hostess), threw me an awesome shower this past Saturday.

She rented out a room at Fuddruckers and got the whole place decorated. I just loved all the little details they did to the room. Another friend, Melissa, made the cutest little diaper cake. Oh I should mention that it was a Diaper shower. So I now have a huge supply in our closet for our next little one.

Here's some shots of my friends. This is me and Hillery. I'm throwing her a baby shower in less than 2 weeks and i'm really excited for her. She's having a girl too!

But I love Fuddruckers and the bacon and cheddar burger I had really hit the spot! We played the diaper poop game...they melted 10 different kinds of candy bars in diapers and we had to guess which ones they were. I missed only 1!! That tells you how familiar I am with candy bars! But 2 others got 100% which is good for them! We also had a " guess the # of diapers in the bin" game. We all had a nice time and I was glad that people showed up! It was a really good turn out and had a blast!

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