Easter Proud

I feel pretty proud of myself. I have finally done some sort of a tradition with our little family. I went out and got tons of candy and did that whole basket thing for tomorrow. The best part is...and Joe doesn't know this...is i'm doing a treasure hunt for him to find his basket tomorrow morning. I have made like 8 clues that he has to go around, clue to clue, to find his basket. I'm so excited! But I just feel like an awesome wife for doing something fun for a change :)

Here is Joe's basket, filled to the brim with yummy candy. His favorite is the chocolate-covered marshmellows so I got TONS of those for him.

This little guy is Emma's basket. She LOVES dogs, as I have mentioned before on this...I think, so I found this cute doggie at Walmart, stuffed it in the smallest basket I could find and Emma will love it! The basket was 50 cents! Ya, we're going cheap this year :)

Today, we had a great day playing with each other. This is Emma modeling her cute Easter attire that I got. Love those colors!

Her new favorite hiding spot is now in the corner of her room, behind her rocking chair.

My favorite part of her outfit is the shirt. Emma is one Sassy Chick, i'll tell you what.

Emma and me chillin' on the couch. Daddy made her laugh really hard when he took the picture so she's got a really giggly smile. Happy Easter everyone!

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