Post-Church Energy

Well today was a normal Sunday. We have church at 1 so we like to put Emma down WAY early to get some sort of nap before church. She slept 2 hours! So that was nice. We put her in nursery for the 2nd time today. Joe has to drop her off cause we tried to do the switch thing half way through and she can't act normal around me...too clingy. So Joe dropped her off but she did her "drama" thing and so he ended up staying half way through. He finally just left when she wasn't looking. She was a little upset but only for a few minutes and then she was fine the rest of the nursery. So that's good news. So afterwards, Emma has LOTS of energy to burn off so she loves to climb and run and you can see in these pictures. Isnt' her dress adorable? Grandma Z. gave it to her for Easter and then I added the belt. So cute!

This is her curious look...she likes to understand what is going on with the camera.

She's getting to be a good climber on our couch. I had to watch her real well in these pictures cause she could have gone right over the back!

I just thought this was a cute one of her, looking up.

Doing a dance routine on her puzzle.

Nst Nst Nst...I love this picture on her dancing :)
These pictures are for all my pregnant fans out there...I'm getting huge and uncomfortable now. I"m 26 weeks along now so it's just going by too fast.
I took these last two with the camera timer cause I know Joe was starting to get sick of me asking him to take pictures over and over again. It's just so hard to get good pictures when you are THE elusive white whale :)
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