Card Making Party

This past Friday, friends and I decided to do a get-together and make cards for upcoming Mother's and Father's Day. I guess, out of my friends, I have the most experience in making cards for special occasions and gifts. So Christine, the hostess, asked me to make a few cards as layouts for others to follow.

Everyone brought papers, ribbons, buttons...pretty much everything to share and
we made cards for like 3 hours!!

I was a bit exhausted after that...didn't get home till 1 am..something i'm just not used to...i'm still feeling the affects of that night...anyways, so just thought ya'll would want to see the cards.

I've been making cards for over a year now just for presents and stuff. It sprang from my scrapbooking hobby and I really enjoy it. I've taken pictures of the majority of cards i've made...not a lot of pictures of scrapbook pages but I have the rest on my Web Album if you'd like to see what else i've made. The link to that is on the side panel of my blog... you can't miss it!

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