So I was in my "work" room yesterday and I hear this whine noise coming from Emma,
of course. So I go out into the living room...no Emma. I go into her room...no Emma. I go into my room...no Emma. I was like, Emma, where are you!? I couldn't find her. Then I look over towards the table and just see Emma all crunched up on the chair, underneath the table. She had somehow managed to get up between the two but now she was stuck. I wish I could have taken a picture of when I first saw her cause she was just calmly laying on the chair, looking up at me, with eyes, saying, mom...um i'm kind of stuck. So luckily the camera was right there...(I promise it was, I wouldn't make her stay in that position too long) and took a picture. By then she was then trying to get up the chair...Oh Emma, you are too funny for words!
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