36 weeks!

Right when you think you can't get any bigger, another week goes by! Well if I wasn't huge before, I am now and will continue to do so until she's born. But it's been an interesting week. The pregnancy has caught up with me and i'm just completely exhausted! All the stress of things I need to get done is gone. I'm now past the point of totally caring about little things. I think hearing the advice, "You need to take care of yourself and take it easy!" finally sank in. So I've just been trying to not stress myself out with little things or big things. I can only do what I can to my best ability. So we shall see how the next couple of weeks go. But I'm exactly due in a month. I'm pretty sure I've got all I need for this little one to come. I see my doctor on Monday so i'm anticipating lots of news, like how big i'm measuring, how big she is, etc.
So i'm just exhausted and can't do a whole lot anymore and poor Joe has been busting his butt studying for the boards, which he takes in 3 weeks. He's feeling overwhelmed too. But I know he will do fine and pass. It'll just be nice when that's all done in a few weeks so he won't have any big worries when the baby comes.
And then there's Emma. She's approaching 2 and she is sure acting like it! She's become the pickiest eater at dinner so that's always a struggle. To keep up from killing ourselves, we've just decided to feed her cereal for dinner since we know she'll eat that. But she's a fireball, full of energy and loves to rough house and play with Mommy and Daddy so she keeps us real busy. We love her to pieces and are excited for her to meet her little sister...and we hope she'll be excited too!
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