Busy busy Busy

So I think i'm going to have this baby early. Yesterday, I was so blessed as to receive a new calling. I'm now the Visiting Teaching Coordinator...for those of you who do not understand this calling, it's pretty much being in charge of everything Visiting Teaching. LIke putting together sisters into companions, meeting with new sisters and old, fixing companionships that aren't working, dealing with sisters that say they'll visit teach this month but never do it. Talking to every single sister, young and old, about their situation and life.
I think that's just a preview for what's all included with this calling. It's a very overwhelming thing to be called to such a huge calling. I'm filled with a variety of emotion: fear, anxiety, worry, fear, motivation, courage, fear. I know the Lord has called me to this position for a reason. I do not know what that is right now. But I want to be receptive to Him and the growth he wants for me. So i'm just riding the faith train and hopefully it won't be too much of a bumpy ride.
So on top of that, i've got a little over a month before this baby is due. Then sisters from the ward and I are compiling and organizing file folders to make for our kids. Then all the pictures I want all scrapped. So I think it's going to be a busy month or two. I don' t even want to think of how it'll be once #2 is here. I'll probably go into a meltdown hibernation and maybe you'll hear from me in a year or something! Well I think i'll go start on some thing to work on!z
Oh PS good news yesterday though. Emma survived the 2nd half of Nursery on her own! Joe goes in with her the first half cause, you know, he'll find any reason to miss Sunday School...but usually we have to switch off half way cause she starts crying like a banshee. But yesterday, Joe snuck out and later found out that she did distress for a little bit but then her teacher calmed her down and she was fine for the rest of the time!! So excited! I was actually able to attend Relief Society :) Ok so there are some things that are getting easier
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