So we recently got a scooter from our dear friends, the Blaisdell's, who moved to Idaho :(...So we've had the helmet and gloves stored in our apartment. Emma's takin' a liking to them. So we help put it on her head and it's hilarious to see her in it.

As you can tell, it's much too big for her body. And it weighs more than her too so it's just really funny to see her try to walk and keep her balance.

We found this little trampoline in the dumpster area...I don't know why since it's in great shape so I took it and stuck it in my car. Emma loves to "jump" and "dance" on it.

And another great development is climbing. Emma has now developed a love for climbing up on things, like her changing table. So i've now had to figure out what to do so she'll understand that she can't go up there...any suggestions?
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