Well I went to the doctors yesterday and everything is still right on track for July 13th. I'm not dialated at all, which I figured since i'm only 36 weeks. I'll be seeing the doctor again next Wednesday so I hope that there will be more exciting news there...I'm just kind of torn on how I feel about the baby coming. I want the baby to come out early for my sake but then at the same time, I just want her to take her time to come out. With Emma's pregnancy, being the first, I just was so bored that I wanted her to hurry and come out! With this one, now having another kid, it's opposite. So we'll just wait and see when she wants to come out. At any rate, i'm still just trying to get things done before she makes her appearance.

Sorry, I have to pictures to post. NOthing has been going on. And as I write that, I realized Father's Day was on Sunday, which I am the worst wife! I totally forgot that it was Father's Day until we left for church. I even slept in! (Well, I got the 24 stomach flu Friday NIght so I was still recuperating from that) Joe got up with Emma and studied...what a way to celebrate Father's Day! And to make things worse, he made dinner...I know, i'm pathetic! I still need to send a card to my dad...Can you say absent-minded or what?
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