Raining Season And 8 Favorite THings

Well i've finally found some extra time to blog! I'm almost done the folders...i've laminated all I could with them and just waiting for one last thing so i'm not as stressed out as I was before. I've got about 3 weeks left till the baby is due so i'm starting to feel like I can breathe and take it easy. So the past week or so, it's been raining quite frequently. And Emma is so fascinated by it. Finally one afternoon, I let her play in it on our porch and she loved it!

As you can see, she had a blast! And don't you love her "cheap" crocs? I found them at the dollar store and she loves to wear them ALL the time.

AND don't let me forget, since it's been on my mind and i've been trying to get a list going but since I did get tagged for My 8 Favorite Things from Maggie, i'm doing it right NOW! (countdown style)

**8 Favorite Things**
#8. Girl's Night Out...If anyone has been reading my blog during my "8 Crazy Nights" you can probably guess why this is on my list. I have soo much fun with friends! I just love the girls that i've met down here. We all contribute our personalities and it's great how we all get along. Sadly, recently some key players in our group moved away (wha wha!!) so our group is on the mend...but i'm not worried that we'll keep the GNO spirit alive and even find some new members :)

#7. Ok, call me crazy but I love to ORGANIZE! If my "craft" room is messy or things are out of place, I get a surge of energy and get everything back in its place. Along those lines, I guess CLEANING could be under this same number. I just feel so much better when my apartment is clean. That's probably why i've been going crazy trying to get the file folder games all made up so they'll be all put together all nice and have extra time to get anything else organized before she comes!

#6. Along those lines of cleanliness comes #6, I LOVE "Clean" smells. I have 2 in particular that i'd like to elaborate on. First is TIDE with Downy Fresh Breeze. You just have to smell it to understand the yumminess of it. I love my that scent!! I probably helps motivate me to clean my clothes every once and a while :). Ok second scent is SoftSoap Pure Cashmere Body Wash. This is another one that I look forward to each shower. First of all, it smells delicious and second, it's so soft and makes me feell all warm and fuzzy...jk but those 2 are my favorite smells!

#5. Anyone who knows me, knows I love sweets/food etc etc...so # 5 is FOOD...preferably sweets: ice cream, cookies and candy (chocolate and sugar stuff). I have the biggest sweet tooth! My favorite ice cream flavor is Cherry Cordial from BYU creamery...which I miss! My favorite cookie is the Keebler, Chocolate chip cookies with Rainbow candies...pretty much M&Ms...so good! I love dark chocolate and I love gummies...ok I think that covers that!

#4. Crafting is now my #1 passion and hobby. I think i'd go insane with out it. I mainly do scrapbooking, cardmaking and any other stuff related to that. I dabbled in it in high school but became completely focused in it once Emma was born. Any examples you'd like to see, check my web album!

#3. SLEEPING...need I say more on that subject? It is so precious and valuable now that I don't take advantage as I used to...And I thank Joe the mornings that he gets up with Emma so I can SLEEP IN!! I chose a picture of Emma sleeping since that's when I can!

#2. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Where would my life be without the Gospel? I'm afraid to venture down that road. I am seriously so grateful for the Church and the impact it has had in my life. I've received so many blessings from Heavenly Father and Christ. I'll be forever in debt so i'm trying to do my best to what He wants. I love Him and Christ. I love this Church and I know without a doubt that it is THE true church on this earth. I've always just known it and can never deny it. This is a semi-testimony of me and maybe later, i'll expound on it :)

#1. Of course, speaking of blessings, MY FAMILY is #1! I have been blessed with being raised by a wonderful set of parents. They have taught me such great lessons and have been great. I love my siblings and miss them very much out here in TX. And now I have a family of my own! I am truly grateful for my husband, Joe. He's such a good husband and father. The stress that he has on his shoulders is overwhelming and he takes it all. He helps me stay sane and in reality. I love him so much. And then there is Emma. Oh what would I do without my Emma? I love her so much and can't believe she's almost 2! She's so big now! I'm already crying just talking about her. I love her silly little personality and her beautiful smile. I am SOO blessed!!

Ok phew, that's my favorite 8 in my life right now. So now i'll pass on the favor and tag Jaime Blaisdell and Jamie Smith to list their 8 favorite things!!

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