Pitter Patter of Little Feet

So from the title, it might seem that I had the baby already but no...not quite. As you can see from my checker, I have about 4 weeks to go...yet I look and feel like i'm about to BURST!!
Anyways, the pitter-pattering is still Emma. I found the coolest thing on the trampoline the other day. Emma plays with chalk outside on the porch and it gets all over her, including her feet. I found cute little foot prints on it so I had to take a picture.

Just thought that was pretty cool. Other than that, i'm still just truckin' along with coloring those file folders and trying to get energy cause i'm slowly loosing it. I'm getting really tired these days. Not good since I now feel incredibly busy with too much to do! So in the next few weeks, you'll either hear of my having a baby or a heart attack!
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