Big Girl Bed!

Emma's not quite at the stage in her life where she'll sleep in a toddler bed, but it doesn't hurt for her to get used to one in her room! We found this cute little bed on Craig's it!...botht the bed and mattress for only $25. I was so excited to get it. We had a normal foam twin size mattress on the floor before but I don't think she ever thought of it as a bed...only a trampoline or something. So this one, she pretends to sleep on it and cuddle up on it but she's not quite comfortable of letting go of the crib. That is fine by me. We've got a bassinet for #2 so we've got a few months to figure this thing out. But I was just glad to find something to got her excited so she'll be more inclined to try it out!...oh and I have less than 2 weeks until i'm that scary to anyone else?
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