7 Facts about me!

Here's another picture of Kate before I get into things...

Well forever ago, Jaime tagged me to do 7 facts about me so I'm finally getting it on here! Like everyone else, it was hard to think of 7 things so some of them are in desperation!

#1 Oh Canada! My family moved to Canada when I was one and I lived there for 6 years.

#2 I repeated 2nd grade...it was because of the move from Canada and the school systems were off...I promise I was not stupid!!

#3 My first kiss was when I was 14. It was during a stake dance out on the baseball fields...I know, scandelous! And yes, Maggie was there that night to back me up on this one...holy crap was that almost 10 years ago?!?

#4 I have a "blankie" which is actually a quilt that I made when I was like 10. I can't sleep with out it!

#5 I was brought home from the hospital in a red and white striped stocking since I was born in December.

#6 I almost died from drowning when I was 4 at a church pool party. Luckily, there was a nurse in our ward who was persuaded by the spirit to come. If she had not gone, I probably would have died :(

#7 The origin of my name is quite comical. When my mom was pregnant with me, her and my dad went to a movie called, Krull...it's pretty much the typical 80's fantasy sci-fi movie...But in the movie, there is a Princess Lyssa. So my mom really liked it. The actress who played the princess, her real name is Lysette so it's just interesting how my name came about. If anyone is interested in watching the fast-paced thrill movie, Krull, I'll let you borrow it :)

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