Welcome home lil' Brother!

This is my family! From L to R back: Jenny, who came out for a week after Kate was born and saved me from insanity!!, Michael, who is a Junior in HS, Sister-in-Law Natalie and her son Collin, Jake and daughter Abby, Dad and Mom. L to R Front: Katie holding her son Carter, JC holding Kindra, Katie's daughter.

Sister Jenny with Niece Kindra. SO cute!

Little Brother's JC & Mike. Mike is 5 years younger but taller!! wha wha wha

My brother is home! After two years serving an LDS mission in Brazil, John-Charles, JC for short, came home! It was such a relief to have him home safe and sound! I sadly missed out on the family festivities in Utah while i'm here in San Antonio but I was able to talk to him on the phone once they got home from the airport. I got these pictures from my sister, Katie, who gladly oblidged to take lots of pics for me. JC and I have always been close since i'm the closest sibling for him. We're about 2 1/2 years apart. We've had some good times growing up and I love him so much! I'll be coming home to Utah at Christmas and i'm so excited for him to see me and my growing family. He's hasn't seen or met any of my kids so it'll be really fun!
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