My Two Beautiful Girls


Yesterday was the 20th which meant Kate is 1 month old and Emma is 23 months old!! It's nice having both of their birthdays on the 20th so I know how old both of them are since they are 22 months apart. Another breakthrough is that I ventured out of the house yesterday and today! I dropped off some stuff at friends and then went to the bank yesterday. Today I finally went to my home away from home, Hobby Lobby! It was so nice! I had to get a file bin for my file folder games and of course some added extras that were on sale :) I'm pretty proud of myself for having the courage to go into a store with 2 kids. Baby steps though. I'm not even trying the grocery store for a while. But this past weekend I took some pics of the kids since it around the 20th. Also my mom back in Utah wanted some single pics of the girls for her walls since my brother is coming home tomorrow? I think? From his mission! I"m so sad I won't be there but it's just nice he's home and safe. So anyways, got some cool pics of the girls and They are so beautiful and wonderful. Emma is warming up to Kate slowly. She always kisses her head and tries to stick the pacifier in her mouth if she's's really funny. But then when kate is asleep with the pacifier in her mouth, Emma will come and pull it drives me crazy! But I'm just so happy and blessed with them. And it helps that life is slowly getting back to normal.



Here's Kate trying the Zebra...she wants to be just like Emma :)
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