I know, I know...I swore I'd never be the type that would cut blogging out of my daily routine but lately, that has been the case. I've honestly had no time for "me" these days. Once Emma goes down for bed, it's trying to get Kate to sleep and fed. Then I drive myself crazy trying to clean up ( I know, people tell me not to worry about housework but I don't work that way! I hate going to bed with a messy house!) So once everything is picked up, then I get ready for bed, knowing that i'll be woken up by Kate twice for eatin' time. And then the day repeats again...and's all the same. I think i'm developing Cabin Fever, like my sister Jenny. She was down here for the week following Kate's birth and she was going insane being cooped up inside with Emma, Kate and I. So I've just been slowly getting used to the "2 kid" life and doing baby steps into the outside world.

Friday night, Joe's family came into town and stayed at the Stephen's for Michael Glenn's wedding. He's Joe's best friend so Joe was able to go to the temple wedding Saturday while his family hung out here to visit with us. That night, Joe's brothers house-sat our apartment while Joe, Kate and I went to the reception up in Boerne. It was sooo nice to get out and actually see the outside world! We blessed Kate this past Sunday since Joe's family and friends were in town for Joe's best friend's wedding. So it was really nice and Joe did a great job blessing her. It was really special. We then went to the Stephen's, who are friends of the family, for a early dinner. It was really nice of them to host that for everyone.

So sadly, our camera broke last week so that explains the lack of pictures in the post. We are currently researching camera's, find one I like. If any of you have suggestions or favorites, let me know! Well I've got to go since Kate is having a hernia over with she won't stop crying!! AHHH!
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