ZImmerman Fun Family Facts

My lovely friend, Jaime, has tagged me for "Family Facts" So i'm going to try to do it as good as she did. But before I forget, I'm tagging Cairen, Katie, Jami B., Kristen S. and Chelsea S. to do this! I can't wait to find out more about your families!

Here it goes, oldest to youngest.

Joseph Daniel Zimmerman:
-Born Aug. 10 1979 in Grants Pass, Oregon.
-Oldest of nine kids, 8 boys and 1 girl
-At 2 months old, his dad could balance him standing on his hands.
-He mainly grew up in Port Neches, TX
-He loved playing sports, especially baseball. He was the fastest and best athlete. They would call him "Smokin' Joe"
-Attended BYU and graduated in Biology with Dental School in mind.
-Completely ignored his wonderful wife for the first 2 weeks of marriage to study for the DAT (Probably a good thing since he got a miraculous score that allowed us to come to SATX!).
-Got married 3 days after turning 25.
-Can do a standing back-flip...which he did on our first date..I think that's what won me over ;)

Lyssa Beth (Terry) Zimmerman
-Born Dec. 9th 1983 in American Fork, Utah
-Lived in Canada for 6 years of my life.
-Have never broken a bone :)
-Learned to ride my bike the first time I tried.
-Grew up in Highland, UT, attended and graduated from Lone Peak High School (with honors)
-Attended BYU, graduating in 3 years in English...but wishes now that I'd have graduated in something complete different!
-Got married when I was 20.
-I have eyes that change color with what I wear.
-I played obsessively with Barbies what I was younger.

Emma Beth Zimmerman
-Born Sept. 20th 2005 in San Antonio, TX
-Weighted 7.4 lbs and 19 1/2 inches long.
-Had a mini-mullet the first year of her life
-Looks like a spittin' image of her Dad (check his picture and hers if you don't believe me!)
-From her dad, she got beautiful dimples, BIg eyes and LONG eyelashes.
-She was walking at 10 months.
-She was a "Top Ten Finalist" in the Organic Gerber Baby Sweepstakes. Her picture was featured on the website (I still think she should have won!)
-Her favorite toy is and has been this teal-colored Easter dog she got for her first Easter. She has to take it everywhere!!
-She is very very energetic.
-She has a shoe fetish...ask anyone...
-As of now, all she says all day are numbers. She jumps and runs in circles. She MUST put the pacifier into Kate's mouth alone. And she loves doing animal impressions.

Kate Olivia Zimmerman
-Born July 20th, 2007 in San Antonio, TX
-Weighed 8.4 lbs and 18 1/2 inches long.
-She too has dimples. On her left cheek, she has 2 dimpes side-by-side.
-She resembles me rather than Joe. She picked up my eyes and nose.
-She's our fatty baby right now. She's in the 90th % in both height and weight. She's 11 1/2 lbs right now!!
-She smiled (an actual smile) at 3 weeks.
-She has LOTS of gas.
-She can hold up her head really high already to look up at me when she's on my stomach.
-She has really good eye coordination already.
-She holds conversations with me with cooing and mini-laughs. Just very alert and knows what is going on.
-She's absolutely an easy baby to read and understand. I love her so much and so glad she's now apart of our family!!
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