Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Well, a lot of things have distracted me lately. First off, finally getting into the "Twilight" books has been addicting. I feel at times i'm reading my journal from Junior High and High School. Stephenie Meyer does such a great job at describing human emotions for a teenager! Anyways, i'm starting the third book (thanks Jami for letting me borrow it!!!) and I have to disipline myself to reading it at certain times of the day or else I will just read them all day! So that's one distraction. Second, catching up on line from my busy week. Either reading emails or blogs or talking with best friends on IM, it always catches my attention for a good amount of time in the day. For example, yesterday, while I was IMing, Emma took advantage of my distractions. She now knows how to use door handles so she got into the pantry and took out a tub of icing and cupcake holders. I guess she thought the icing was some sorty of lotion or paint because that's how she treated it...
If you can see all the icing smeared into the carpet in the picture, then great. But really, in person, it was much worse. After cleaning all this up, I still found staches of icing through out the kitchen and living room.

And of course, my favorite curious george...

When I found her, I was just shocked but I started laughing and grabbed the camera..good thing for blogging and a need for pictures eh?
She immediately went into the tub and luckily Kate was napping through all this, phew! So I admit it too the world that I sometimes get distracted with other things, allowing my kids to run amuk in my house...I just have to accept the responsibility of Emma's actions when I do that :)
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