Our first Craft Guild and catching up....

Well after planning this in my head for probably a year, I finally got the guts to put together a craft guild, now called, The Crafty Clique :) It will be a monthly thing, the first Wednesday of each month. Our first activity was making some chic bead necklaces. There was a great turn out and I think everyone had a lot of fun! Thanks Jamie for hosting it at your house! We had 4 sewing machines set up for people to use. Thank you eveyrone that came! I appreciate the support in this! Hope to see ya'll next month!
Here are some pictures from last Wednesday. If everyone is interested in joining our "Clique", let me know and i'll send you an invite to our Yahoo group. Here are a few of the girls: Me, Jill, Jamie, Jazmin and Linsay
Hard at work tying knots
Modeling our sewing machine room
Taking a break for a picture!
And here's me, going at it with the sewing machine.

And yes, I've been absent from the bloggin world lately. I've had a crazy week, from getting this together as well as a VT conference that I was incharge of and guest speaker for. I made some fun center pieces for it. The theme was "puzzles" and Joe even helped me in think of this!
There was a great turnout for the conference and it all went smoothly. The theme was Unity since we just our boundaries change in our ward so there are lots of new sisters. I want to thank Jami and Marcie for doing dinner! That was so awesome of you guys to do that! It was delicious! I of course forgot to take pictures of that so sorry!!
And this morning, I threw together a family scrapbook page for my Grandma's birthday. My family is putting together a scrapbook for her and so i'm really excited for her to see it. Just ignore the white piece of paper. My mom has our family picture that she's going to replace...So Here's a pic of that:
And also, Friday, Joe's professor invited their "group" to his house for dinner. It was really fun and nice to put names with faces. Joe always talks about these guys so now I know who he's talking about! Here's a picture they took of us..minus Kate. I think she was somewhere in the crowd. She was constantly being passed around to everyone. They all were mezmorized by her cheeks!
I really like this picture of us..i'm a little sad that Kate isn't in it or else it'd be a great family pic...oh well. I guess we'll have to try again some other time! And maybe if you look really really hard, you can see a tiny bit of resemblence of Joe in Emma....hmmmm rrright! Could they be any more alike? At least I have Kate now who looks more like me:

Yep that looks about right...just like me when I sit on the couch....;)

We took a stroll last week and had to get a pic of our girls lounging in our stroller, which I finally found a double stroller I liked :)

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