Thanksgiving Weekend

Well it's been an eventful weekend! We headed down to Port Neches, TX Wednesday afternoon. The kids did pretty well in the car for 5 hours. This time, Joe and I did the alphabet game...I know, junenille but it passed the time quickly. And I won...the dreaded "X" was the hardest letter. Yet I found an "Xpedex" store as we drove through Houston. He was depending on driving past 'Xterra" vehicles but we never did...wha wha!
We got to Joe's parent's house right in time for dinner so it was good timing.
Everyone was so excited to see the kids. I love going down there because everyone entertains them so I don't have to! I know, sounds selfish but hey, if you know Emma..she's such a handful and a fireball that it can get exhausting! THis is Kate saying, Happy Thanksgiving! I decided this time to have something to work on so I made a ribbon/taggie blanket for Kate. It's totally crooked and was totally an experiment but Kate seemed to like it so that was good. It was not too hard and I got it made in a few hours!

Here's Joe and Kate doing some quality Tummy Time
All the uncles were loving the kids. This is Uncle Stephen playing with Kate on the floor. He gave equal attention to both girls :)

We went to Walmart on Saturday to get some things and ran into Santa! We got the kids with Santa for free! Walmart gave everyone a free 4x6 so it was really cool!
Emma would not have it with Santa so I had to interfere...Don't I look great? I was down pour the whole time there so we were all drenched..oh wellio
This is something I started on Saturday but didn't have time to finish because Joe and I went to see "The Bee Movie" Saturday night. It was pretty good. Joe thought it was just like "Ants" or Bugs Life" so it wasn't that good to him.
This is my Taggie Fabric Ball" . I put a jingle bell inside too so it makes noise. Kate really likes the B/W contrast on them. Obviously another experiment. I saw this online and wanted to try it! It also helps that Joe's mom had an extra Sewing machine that I could actually figure out. She gave it to me too! THank you Margie! Now I can do silly stuff at home!

I love the HOlidays but this time of year makes me miss my family soooo much. I miss and love you guys! I can't wait to see you in just a few weeks! I'm going to Utah for Christmas!! I can't wait!
Happy HOlidays!

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