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So from having 2 kids, i've gotten into some bad parenting habits...one in particular is TV watching. I have used TV as a way to distract Emma while I take care of Kate, do dishes, work on hobbies or just need a break...pretty much anything that I need or want to do. But now, almost 6 months later, and it's just out of hand! I feel so crappy when we have the TV on all day. I won't even tell you how many Disney movies I have memorized! So after talking to friend (thank you for ideas!), I've decided to go cold turkey on TV watching. I have so many things around the house that Emma can do to keep busy! I think i've just lost confidence in my mothering skills so I had TV do it for me...But not any more!! Ok so i'm not going to go totally bizerk and watch NO TV but on occasion, i'll allow Emma to watch it here and there. So that's just one of my goals for the year 2008.
Kate is doing great eating solids. We're still on rice cereal but she's starting to get the hang of it and really inhailing it. Here's her ready for action:
Playing with the girls. Emma is doing great with Kate now. She always talks with her and plays toys with her. Kate is now actually responding or reacting to her so I think it's a win-win for all!
Jaime, this one's for you,..meaning, I told you that I'd take a picture of what I was working on today so here it is :) This is for a baby shower present
And by golly, I did this page yesterday. I"m pretty surprised at myself, I did another page!

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