2007 in Review

I like to look back at each year to see what has happened and how much things have changed. Yet as I was going along, writing things that have happened this past year, I realized that not that many things has come about this year. So instead of individually writing down accomplishments, i'll be doing a group list.
  • Started the year off by being 3 months pregnant

  • I kept myself busy by immersing in scrapbooking with friends, and having fun with friends.

  • Joe kept truckin' along with school. he finished his 2nd year and immediately started studying for the boards and doing clinic in the summer.

  • Joe took boards and passed!

  • Weekend before Joe started 3rd year, we had Kate Olivia ZImmerman July 20, 2007.

  • 2 weeks later, Joe blessed her at church.

  • Joe began his 3rd year while I adjusted my parenting skills for 2 kids.
  • Joe celebrated his 28th birthday August 10th.
  • We then celebrated our 3rd year anniversary 3 days later.

  • Emma celebrated her 2nd birthday in Sept.

  • Made ballerina costumes For Emma and Kate for Halloween.

  • Visited Joe's family for Thanksgiving.
  • I celebrated my 24th birthday December 9th

  • Visited my family for Christmas!

Looking back, it really was a crazy, eventful year! I am so grateful for my family and growth that it has experienced this year. We all love Kate and so glad she's now apart of our family! I'm grateful for the friends I have made this past year and the fun they have given my life. I look forward to enriching those relationships. I'm grateful that there is only a year and a half left of Dental school for Joe! I can't wait for the next stage in our lives. Happy New Year everyone!

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