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Thursday nights have always been great.  It has become our "date" night every week.  What do we do each week, you ask?  Well we gather around the good ol' reliable TV and watch NBC.  We love the thursday night line-up!  Last year, we lost some good ones, like The Office.  Who knows when that will be on again.  That was the highlight of the night but now, we've gone on to greener pastures.  30 Rock is HILARIOUS.  We love that show.  We also like My Name is Earl and Scrubs.  It's a win-win for all.  Well this year, Office is out.  To replace it is Chuck.  Has anyone seen this show?  It is our favorite.  It is hilarious and intriguing.  It used to be on on Mondays but with the new year, it moved to Thursdays and it further supports our love of Thursday night TV watching.  We have seen Chuck since the beginning and it's great.  This past week, they had a "Chuck Sandwich" line-up.  Chuck, Celebrity Apprentice (which is another one we've started watching a few weeks back) and then another Chuck!  It was great.  

So i'm going to go ahead and expose my crush that I have.  He is a little known actor named Shia LaBEOUF.  Did anyone ever watch "Even Stevens"?  Well that show in itself is hilarious and I loved watching it.  But he's the little brother that was hilarious.  But now he's all grown up and I think he is so cute!  He's been in a lot of movies in the past recent years, like, Holes,  I, Robot, Transformers and Disturbia.  We just watched Disturbia a few nights ago and yes, it was scary.  Anyways, I love how he acts and he's just really funny.  And I was serious about him being cute.  He's got really big lips :)  Ok, this might sound odd since I am married and all but it's just a friendly crush on an actor that I will never meet.  No harm there.  And he's also going to be in the upcoming Indiana Jones movie!  So excited about that:)
So I just wanted to indulge for a minute on my recent Favs :)

Oh and I took the girls to JC Penney's this morning for Kate's 6 month pictures and it went really well.  Emma even was content to take a few.  So I have a great one of the 2 of them.  They won't be done till Valentines day so once I get them, i'll post them.
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