There goes another one...

nother member of the original "SA girls" has left us. Ok we didn't have a name like that but she's live here longer than most of us here pictured. Jamie Smith and her family moved this past week to a new life and new civilization....(Star Trek anyone?) So we had a "one last bash" party in honor of her. Jami Black and Linsay Jarvis put this all together. They first went out to eat at the Olive Garden, which I wasn't able to attend but luckily the party didn't end there. Afterwards, some of the "night owls" went to Linsay's house to eat Pizookies and play some games...k any of you who hasn't had Pizookies are really missing out...But it was a blast. HEre's the crew:

Back L to R: Jill Monica, Linsay, Ann
Mid L to R: Me, Hillery, Jazmin, Jenni
Front L to R: Jamie, Christine, Jami

Here's some "Cosmopolitan" looking pictures they were taking of us...

Me and Jamie, with Jami laughing at us

Man, why aren't I a model already? :P
Jamie, Christine, and Jami
Jenni, Hillery and Jill
Jamie and mha

Playing PIT, which is the coolest game ever. You've never seen me out of control until I play this game...

After playing "PiT"...get the connection? PIT = arm PIT... I know, we are really silly

Jamie, we'll miss you guys! I hope you find new and fun experiences in Palestine!! I'm glad we had one last hoorah before you left. :)

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