He is in a Better Place

Well for those of you who haven't heard, which I feel at this point, probably most of you have, Gordon B Hinkley died this evening.  Christine called to tell me and at first, I was shocked.  I was just shocked at the news of it all.  Then when it sunk in, I realized that it was becoming quite evident that he was growing old..I mean, he was 97!!  What a legacy really.  I will miss him as our prophet.  He was such a great leader and did so much for this church.  I mean, with growth and temples?  He was the man for the job!  Obviously I feel close to him since he was "my" prophet growing up.  But he is in a better place, with his wife and ancestors who came before him.  I know that he is among the great men that have come upon the earth.  He can now converse with Christ, Joseph Smith and others, those whom he knew lived and died for this gospel.  With that perspective, he's probably living the life now huh?  His life will never be forgotten and he truly was an inspiration for me.  Thank you.
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