It's Possible...

It's possible, for a girl named Lyssa, to find the best deal in the world....(ok thank you Rogers and hemmerstien (sp))...Well, I am a lucky son of a jackel. Any one heard of Cricut? Probably all you scrappers out there...Have you heard of the new Expressions? They retail for like $499...that was until I stumbled onto a website that was selling them for $299...that's right, $299!! That's the same price as what the smaller one retails at! So Joe and I have discussed this possible purchase for me for a while and i've just been holding off, making sure it was something that I really wanted. So when I found that incredible deal, it swayed me to HECK YES I WANT IT! What was even better was free shipping! I ordered it on Wednesday and it'll be here on Saturday! This thing is going to revolutionize my scrapping skills. THis things is just awesome. It can cut images as large as 12 inches by like 30 inches! This is a teachers dream come true...which i'm not one but just saying, something like this would be great in the classroom. You gotta check out what this thing can do, which is alot! :) Well just had to express my excitement :)
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